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S urendranagar District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd, popularly known as “SURSAGAR DAIRY” - a district level milk union came into being in the year 1975 under the operation flood program. Since inception, union was managed and operated by Gujarat Dairy Development Corporation (GDDC) Ltd- a government of gujarat undertaking & has been engaged in the activities pertaining to the dairying, animal husbandry, organizing of village level dairy co-op. society (DCS) and farmers’ community development.

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ChairMan Speech

I am very thankful to all as you have shown trust in me and gave me the responsibility for the development of the institution and it is my duty to accomplish the it with integrity. To accomplish responsibility I have always been active and will remain active in future as well. Indian Government has made the strict laws for quality of food quality and safety. According to the law, it is illegal to produce and sell the milk which is impure. As per the new law the fine and penalty wil be implemented,therefore,It is our duty to be alert and careful. The goverment is working on different efforts for quality production. Its the primary responsibilty of cowherds to produce the pure and best quality milk as well as the related dairy institutions have to accomplish their duty with loyalty and intigrity. I hope that cowherds and dairy will support me in all ways. The full credit for this gigantic task goes not to me and my colleagues of board of Directors but only and only to you in sincere earnestness. This is like 100% gold and truth like rays of sun is always shining.

Rambhai P. Mevada- Chairman Sursagar Dairy,Wadhwan

This is to provide to all the emplyees of our new policyin regards to vacations.

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