At present it is very essential to be safe for anyone & any organization for which Dairy has established IP camera with new advanced technology to the Dairy plant & other sensitive places. These cameras record the particular place very qualitatively & accurately by which what happened at particular place & time could be reviewed.

All Chilling Centers ,Plant and Head Office are connected with cameras which is live streaming or monitoring in admin department.

Veterinary Call Center (18002333863)


In an attempt to bring animal care closer to rural grassroots, the mobile wing of our dairy takes services such as pregnancy diagnosis, nutrition consultancy, fodder development, etc., at the farmers' doorstep. A team of senior vets (gynaecologist, physician, surgeon) conduct free camps and referral sessions, resolving critical cattle issues in due course. Sursagar dairy has a veterinary van and a team of skilled veterinary doctors for Animal healthcare services.