Amul Buffalo Special Feed & Bovi Plus Mineral Mixture

Sursagar Dairy,Surendranagar has now started providing Amul Buffalo Special Feed and Bovi Plus Mineral Mixture to our milk producers.

Animal Husbandary

We aim to provide services to cover every aspect of successful dairy bussiness from animal breeding,feeding,animal health to several prevention activities in life of dairy animal from new born calves to adult cow/buffalo. We recognizes need to adopt technology and scientific approach for growth and development of dairy farm bussiness.

Healthcare Service

Contact Number:7069012214

We have created Toll Free Call Booking facility for emergency visits.

We provide animal health services to restore health and production of sick animals in shortest possible time through mobile veterinary visits on token charges for farmer producers in our milk shed area.

Health & Infertility Camps

We are conducting Health and Fertility Improvement Program (FIP) camps at regular intervals.The milk producers are encouraged to bring problems related to breeding,surgical cases as well as clinical cases.

Prevention activities

To prevent our valuable animals from infectious diseases (HS & FMD) we are carrying extensive mass vaccination campaign and mass deworming drives in our milk shed area.

EID (Electronic Identification & Registration of Dairy Animals)

Main Objectives are :

To register the animal applying Bar Coded Ear Tags having unique ID number.

Accurate data recording of each and every event that had occurred on the animal viz. AI, PD, Calving, Vaccination, Deworming, Treatment etc.

Future planning for productivity enhancement can be possible focussing on thrust areas. Focus areas are making available by analysis of data of an animal (Health, Breeding, Feeding etc.).

We can use Animal ID in each and every project activities like PEP, CRP,RBP,PT.FIP for actual online data recording and report generation.

A farmer can avail animal insurance facility on this ID also.

Implementation Process:

EID is a project in which we intend to cover almost all the dairy animals of our milk shed area. As on day animal status is being registered online into INAPH software (an official software of NDDB : Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health)


Door step Artificial Insemination (AI) facility is being provided all over the district to our milk producers through skilled AI technicians.

Calf Rearing Program (CRP)

Young calves (female) are the backbone of dairy industry. Female calves of cows and buffalo calved by A.I. are to be covered under this program. They are identified by applying a Bar Coded Ear Tag and registered into software specially designed for this program.

Aims of the Calf Rearing Project:

To reduce the calf mortality.

To improvement in breed.

This program helps to reduce mortality rate and age at first calving (AFC) helping producers to get replacement stock and earning more and more income.